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At InterEx we are a lean, efficient company with big capabilities. When you work with us, you receive the advantages of partnering with a large, experienced exhibit company—along with the personalized benefits of working with a smaller one.

Our big thinking emerges during the conceptualization and creation of your trade show booth. InterEx has worked with some of the most recognized and respected brands in the world. The experience, insights, and ideas we’ve gained from these partnerships mean good things for you and your brand.

We attend to the intimate details of planning, designing, fabrication and managing your trade show experience. As our client, we treat you with that care and attention. And we’ll treat you like part of the family.

We’re family. We have multi-generational family roots that now support an expanding range of capabilities. Our passion for inspired design and nurturing client relationships has set us apart from the competition for more than 20 years. Our exhibit house has grown over the years, and we respect our heritage. Today, we continue the tradition of versatility, responsiveness, impressive design, and quality construction that has enabled our growth.

With local touch. And national reach. InterEx’s home is just outside of Boston in Amesbury, Massachusetts. While we’ve stayed true to our local roots, our reach and capabilities are extensive. InterEx maintains facilities in Las Vegas and offices in Chicago and San Francisco, allowing us to project our local approach throughout the nation.

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