Fresh Social Media Trends for Trade Show Exhibitors

November 3rd, 2015 by Interex Exhibits



Social media is not a new concept for trade show exhibitors, but there are some new tools and trends to be aware of. Using social media for promotional purposes and lead follow-up are still viable marketing strategies, but as the tools evolve, so must the way in which businesses use them.

Engagement Over Promotion

Of course social media channels can be useful to advertise promotions or giveaways and encourage booth attendance. However, in today’s landscape, engagement should be a primary objective of social media strategy.  Instead of simply tweeting or posting at people, informing them of promotions or announcements, seek to interact with them.

Be proactive with your Twitter use. For instance, pursue new customers, send out tweets to a targeted audience and take the time to make comments. Become part of the conversation. This will ultimately help expand your reach and increase brand awareness.

Understand Capabilities

Make sure you are always up-to-date on the latest capabilities of your social media channels, and learn how updates can benefit you. For instance, Twitter is making it even easier to target your audience digitally. Instead of simply searching by hashtags, you can now use new advanced search options to set filters based on criteria including proximity, photos and videos. In addition, per Kerry Flynn of the International Business Times, Twitter just added a feature called “Moments.” Not unlike “Live Stories” on Snapchat, “Moments” will allow exhibitors to view content from live events.

Your social media engagement mentality should be one of quality-over-quantity. Aim to connect with industry experts and influencers as well as your target customer audience. The more specifically you can hone that audience, the more precisely you can cater content to it and control conversations about your brand.

Follow the Competition

Of course, you want to focus on your own brand image and target audience, but don’t forget about the competition. Social media is a great place to learn about their strategies and news as well. Follow competitors’ employees on Twitter, for instance, to make sure you’re on top of every news release or company announcement. Also, see what your competitors’ customers are saying about them. Take care to note any negative feedback, and incorporate that into your own improvement strategies. In addition, if customers are unhappy, you can use that as an opportunity to gently steer them in your direction.

Go Visual

The rise of visual tools such as Instagram and Pinterest prove images are powerful. In fact, according to research published by Digital Information World, tweets with images get 18 percent more click-throughs, 89 percent more favorites and 150 percent more retweets. Further, according to a recent study from Social Bakers, videos uploaded directly to Facebook have higher engagement rates than YouTube links. That means, creating and uploading your own visual content is a no-brainer. On the show floor, in particular, make sure to capture images—photos and videos—to post on social media. These posts are proven to get more traction.

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