Sales Tips to Maximize ROI at B2B Trade Shows

October 27th, 2015 by Interex Exhibits



Trade show exhibiting continues to be a useful strategy in generating leads and achieving sales in the B2B marketplace. According to a 2015 report by the Content Marketing Institute, 69 percent of surveyed professionals called in-person events their most effective B2B tool—it’s the fifth year in a row the category topped the list. Read on for seven ways to up your sales game at B2B shows in the future.

Research Attendees

Find out who is coming to the show in advance, and educate yourself on prospects. If you are a sponsor of the trade show, you might be able to get a list of registered attendees. If not, you will still have access to exhibitors and speakers. Research company information and discover the names of decision makers so when you meet them on-site, you’ll be well-versed and prepared to take the best approach.

Arrange On-Site Meetings in Advance  

On-site sales are particularly challenging, but setting up private meetings will create more productive one-on-one time and help facilitate meaningful interactions. Set up meetings, product demos or presentations by reaching out personally beforehand. You might even arrange to send some prospects show passes in advance. Hold these meetings in reserved space at the venue, or build private rooms into your own booth design.

Become a Speaker

Apply to have a representative from your company be a speaker at the show or perhaps sit on a panel. This will give your business more visibility, help promote booth activities and give you credibility in your field.

Consider Booth Placement and Design 

Register for the trade show as far in advance as possible to ensure an ideal booth location and achieve optimal traffic and engagement. And in addition to private meeting rooms (if possible), also design your booth with an open and inviting feel to attract more visitors. Rather than boxing people in with tables lining the perimeter, create open walkways that make it easy to get in and out.

Thoughtfully Assemble Your Staff Team

Your booth staff should be energetic and knowledgeable about the products and services. A smart way to cover your bases is to incorporate members of various teams into the staff. For instance, you should have representatives from the sales department but also product experts on hand.

Ask Engaging Questions

Booth staffers should interact with visitors quickly upon arrival. Make sure they show a genuine interest in visitors’ business and ask engaging questions rather than those of the yes-or-no variety. For example, the opening line might be, “Tell me about your line of work.” Listening to, rather than simply talking at, a potential customer is a great way to build rapport.

Perfect Your Lead Management Strategy  

Staff should also be armed with a specific strategy for capturing lead data. Use tablets or mobile devices to capture information quickly and easily, and set up a tiered system for categorizing leads. Booth staff doesn’t have to do this to perfection, but the sales team will be able to follow-up more quickly and effectively if armed with this information.

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