Exhibit Program Management Technology

Exhibit Technology That Benefits You

At InterEx, we embrace change. We recognize that the exhibit world is a constantly evolving environment. The continuous introduction of new methods, ideas, and techniques in our industry keeps us innovative and forward thinking. InterEx leads this developmental curve from a solid foundation of experience.

We embrace new technologies that can bring value to our clients. When email was first emerging, InterEx was one of the first companies to adopt it. While other exhibit houses were dismissing tensioned-fabric technology, we were busy crafting award winning designs with it. Today, we continue exploring and investing in better ways to meet our client’s needs. One recent evolution is in the way we communicate with each other through our client access portal. Through this system you are able to:

  • Track the status and progress of your project at any time

  • Engage and track multiple projects at interex.com

  • Streamline communications between your project manager and projects in the InterEx queue

  • Inform InterEx project managers automatically when you’ve uploaded a new file

Contact us to learn more about how this can benefit you as our client.